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This section includes sessions in the near vicinity of San Jose from Sunnyvale down to Santa Cruz and all points south.

JJ's Lounge, San Jose

Where: JJ's Blues, 3439 Stevens Creek Blvd, SJ  408.243.6441   The remnant of JJ's Blues. Club name and format changed, nothing of interest remains unless you like "bottle service" and craft cocktails.

(updated Oct 2018 by SJ)

Five Points, San Jose

When: Monday jazz session 8:30-11:30pm

Where:Five Points Bar 169 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose 408.982.5816

Host: Rotating

New session - call ahead to confirm. Expect lots of SJSU players. Session FB link here. Send a review!

Good musicians, rotating every week. The crowd is SJSU-based, especially when the hosts went there. 21+ only. (updated Apr 2019 by DF)

Still going, per FB page - current host Lidia Rodriguez on bari sax (Updated Nov 2021 by SJ)

The Hedley Club (in Hotel De Anza), San Jose

Where:  Hotel De Anza, 233 West Santa Clara St. SJ   408.286.1000  

Per article in the Mercury news, Jam is on permanent hiatus. (updated Oct 2018 by SJ)

Hotel De Anza features a pic of someone fingering a sax on their web site, but it's Nov 2021 and the Hedley Club is still closed and we have no idea what the hell is happening over there. But no jams obviously. (Updated Nov 2021 by SJ)

Cafe Stritch, San Jose

When: Sunday jazz session 7-10pm

Where: Cafe Stritch, 374 S 1st St, San Jose  408.280.6161

Appears to be closed, a casualty of the pandemic.

Poor House Bistro, San Jose

When: Tuesday Pro Blues jam, 7-10pm

Where: Poor House Bistro, 91 South Autumn St, San Jose  408.292.5837

Host: Aki Kumar

Aki's Tuesday session has moved to PHB starting in Jan 2017. This session replaces the one at Mojo, which was discontinued. Aki's own web site for his sessions has the following details: "The jam starts as soon as jammers arrive, so get there early! 2 guitar amps, bass amp, harp amp and drum kit are provided. Please do not bring any amps, just your axe." When Aki is on tour various other sub hosts fill in. There are sometimes guest musicians; it's not clear what the structure of the session is, so head out early and send a review!

Tuesday sessions are still going per Aki's web site. (Updated Nov 2021 by SJ)

Woodhams, Santa Clara

When: 1st Fridays 9pm

Where: Woodhams Sports Lounge, 4475 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara  408.247.3144

Host: ??

Per yelp statement from bar manager, jam has scaled back to 1st Fridays only. (Updated Oct 2018 by SJ)

Per FB page still going as of Aug 2021. (Updated Aug 2021 by SJ)

Smoking Pig BBQ

There is a blues / other scene at the Fremont location, but no open jams as of 2015.

The Quarter Note, Sunnyvale

When: Sunday (8pm) and Thursday (8pm) nights

Where: The Quarter Note, 1214 Apollo Way #409 (next to Lawrence Expwy), Sunnyvale  408.732.2110

Host: Varies

This is a blues-rock Jam night and a legendary place for guitar-slingers to show their stuff, although not so much for horns. Zoo-like atmosphere at times and rock-n-roll is always available on the menu. Please send reviews to let us know what's playing these days.

"I love horns and we have them participating. I wish more would come in. If there is an issue w/ horn players please have them contact me. Thanks, Robert Reese Owner"  (Jul 2014)

Sun and Thurs night jams still going, per FB page and calendar. (Update Nov 2021 by SJ)

Murphy's Law, Sunnyvale

When: Monday evenings pro Blues Jam

Where: Murphy's Law, 135 South Murphy Ave. , Sunnyvale  408.736.3822  Calendar

Host: Mike Phillips

There is a five year old Monday jam that Mike Phillips hosts. Dennis Dove plays drums every other week, when he's not at the Fog Bank in Capitola, and June Core (Charlie Musselwhite's drummer) is often there on the off weeks. Johnny Cat (Terry Hanck's guitar player) is the regular guitar player if he's in town. When Mike is on the road with Charlie, he asks someone else to run the jam - Dennis often does it, but there are a number of other subs also. (Updated Feb 2011 by SE)

Post-COVID, this jam is still going but host information needs updating. (updated Nov 2021 by SJ)

Grand Dell Saloon, Campbell

Venue has closed. Scene has moved to Little Lou's (see below).

Little Lou's BBQ, Campbell

When: Thurs (and occasional Wed) blues jam 7:30-11pm
Where: Little Lou's BBQ

Host: varies

Blues and sessions is well-established before they moved to Lou's. The jazz session no longer appears in the calendar. Jams may be pre-empted by sports broadcasts. Check the calendar, and send a review!

Blue Rock Shoot, Saratoga

Jazz session has moved to Little Lou's - See entry above.

Charleys, Los Gatos

Where: Charleys, 15 N. Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos 408.335.0042

Venue has changed hands during the pandemic; no programming yet, and no jams. (Updated Nov 2021 by SJ)

Blue Note Lounge, Milpitas

When: Tuesday blues session 7:30-11pm

Where: Blue Note Lounge, 765 E Capitol Ave, Milpitas  408. 262. 8363

Host: ??

The jam needs reconfirmation and re-review.

Number One Broadway, Los Gatos

Music Wed-Sat but no jams detected. (Updated Nov 2021 by SJ)

The Pocket, Santa Cruz

Where: The Pocket aka "Jerry's Front Pocket", 3102 Portola Dr, SC  831.475.9819
Venue has closed as of Nov 2021.

The Sand Bar (formerly Fog Bank), Capitola

When: Pro Blues Jam Sunday evenings 7-11pm, other formats occasional Thursdays

Where: The Sand Bar, 211 Esplanade, Capitola  831.462.1881  

Host: Dennis Dove, other rotating hosts

Dennis always serves up a great time, whether at Fog Bank, Little Lou’s or Murphy’s Law. He wants everyone to have FUN ! I did, and I support his other gigs. His crew is guitarist Johnny Cat, Admiral Stuart Horton, Oliver Harris. "Giving it back" to help me get better via the jams. (Updated Aug 2016 by MS)

Sunday sessions still going per venue site page. (Updated Nov 2021 by SJ)

Sly McFly, Monterey

The long-running jam has ended as of Nov 2012. Live music still happening, just no jams.

Moss Landing Inn, Moss Landing

When: Wednesday evenings 8-11pm

Where: Moss Landing Inn, next to The Whole Enchilada, Hwy 1 @ Moss Landing Rd.  831.633.9853   or   831.633.5550

Host:  Tom 831-728-8877

This bar has been closed since COVID, although the restaurant appears to be open now.

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