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Several people over the years have tried to keep up with the situation for jam sessions - a difficult task, because there are A) so many and B) they are soooo transient!  This is especially true outside of SF. We salute those who have tried to keep up, and have included their pages (or archives anyway) of their work below for your reference. The information below may or may not be current, in fact we're betting that it's probably not current at all and you should never take anything in life for granted :-)

East Bay Blues Network

A good source of session and club info by and for those on the east side.

SF Blues jam page

This page is updated semi-regularly and has lots of jam listings for the whole Bay Area.

Kevin's jam session page  

Focused mainly on jazz sessions and the like. Kevin no longer maintains it.

Craigslist open mics 

We don't list open mics on this site, but there are plenty popping up and coming soon to a coffeehouse near you.

Want to play... in L.A. ?

Our brothers and sisters in L.A. have been busy jamming for a long time. Here are a couple of links to sites (current within the last year or three) that have jam listings for SoCal. Be sure to click on the "comments" links also, since others have added additional information there.

LA Jam sessions - link#1 - link #2 - link #3 (comments)

LA Weekly listings, sortable by genre. Includes some venues in Inland Empire.

Oh, and p.s. for all the people from far-flung lands outside of the USA: San Francisco is *not* close to Los Angeles. Its not a day trip. So not.

Who is that ___ behind the curtain?

Your webmaster has a (minimalist) site over here. If you contribute a lot of reviews, and want to plug your site/band as well, let us know and we'll add it here.

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