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Sausalito Cruising Club, Sausalito

When: Monday blues jam 7-11pm

Where: Sausalito Cruising Club (private), 300 Napa St, Sausalito  415.332.9922

Host: Joe Tate (see notes below)

This long-running session is in a private club, so there are rules and you must pre-book in order to get in. NOTE: There is a $5 (minimum) cover charge for this session.

(From host venue)
After a one hour set, Joe begins calling up the various musicians who have signed up to come up on stage to play. If you would like to jam with the band you need to contact Joe at or call 415-385-1606. If you are not a member of the Club and would like to attend you must be Joe Tate's guest list so please contact him. You will not be admitted if you just show up at the Club and are not on the guest list. There is a $13.00 Freestyle buffet available for members and guests (including jammers) in addition to the cover charge. Cover charge for members and "evening jammers" is $5.00. Non-jammer guests are $10.00.

Presidio Yacht Club, Sausalito

When: First Fridays monthly, 8pm

Where: Presidio Yacht Club, Fort Baker, Sausalito (Horseshoe Cove)

Host: Knut Cramer

Sunnbolt Music hosts a monthly jam/showcase. This jam is semi-invitational, meaning that you shall invite yourself by emailing or by phone (415)499-5688. This is an extremely rock-friendly crowd so if you are a rocker and don't fit in well at other jams, please do give this one a shot (and send a review!). We're thinking more guitars, less horns, and a lot of organized groups that come in as bands to showcase stuff.

NOTE: This session needs re-confirmation.

Sausalito Seahorse, Sausalito

When: Tuesday evenings jazz

Where: Sausalito Seahorse Restaurant,  305 Harbor Dr., Sausalito  415.331.2899

Host: Noel Jewkes

(Review of the Tuesday Jazz session)
I played at this jazz event tonight. Noel Jewkes did let me sit and let me play solos. Not exactly for players still learning-- Advanced/Pro players only. There was a 17-year old "genius" guitar player. Nice venue to play in. They knew some of the standards by heart and didn't bother using sheet music at times. (Updated Feb 2011 by HY)

NOTE: This session needs re-confirmation.

19 Broadway, Fairfax

What: Sunday monthly jam 2-6pm

Where: 19 Broadway, 17 Broadway St, Fairfax   415-459-1091

Host: Cathy Cotton & Elliot's Evil Plan - 415.508.PLAN for signups

New monthly jam hosted by Elliot's Evil Plan started as of Feb 2011. Online signups available at (optional).  No idea what the music will be like. Send a review!

(Update) Site says forth sundays but it really looks like first sundays on the calendar. Recommend call ahead.

Peri's Silver Dollar, Fairfax

When: First Sunday monthly, 9:30pm

Where: Peri's, 29 Broadway, Fairfax   415.459.9910

Host: ??

So now we have two first sunday sessions in Fairfax. Finish one, walk down to the other one...

(CL ad Mar 2012 for this session begging for horns:)

Sunday Blues/Funk jam in Fairfax every 1st Sunday of the month. We've been having an AWESOME jam in Fairfax at Peri's on those Sundays. Great(prominent Bay Area cats) musicians show up all the time. This is a serious great musical experience! Trying to get a [horn] section together to play the jam...and lots could happen afterwards in other venues and situations due to the cats that show up. Must have some experience in playing in a section and can improvise some ...or alot! Sax, Bari sax would be wonderful...but trumpet and trombone players also welcome.

Fenix, San Rafael

When: Wednesday pro blues session, 8pm

Where: Fenix, 919 Fourth St., San Rafael  415.813.5600

Host: Fenix Band

Advance signup required, pay-to-play (unless you bring a few people with you). Videotaping of your session available. Rotating guest bands, check the calendar for info. There is a $10 cover charge for this session.

Murphy's Irish Pub, Sonoma

When: Sunday jazz session, 2:30-5pm

Where: Murphy's Irish Pub, 464 1st St E, Sonoma 707-935-0660

Host: Vanguard Jazz Ensemble

The Vanguard Jazz Ensemble (Chris Miano - Guitar, Lawrence Behrs - Tenor) is hosting a newish weekly open jazz jam, all levels and players welcome. Send a review !

First Edition, Petaluma

Where: First Edition, 1420 E. Washington St, Petaluma  707-775-3200

Venue has closed.

Heritage Public House, Santa Rosa

When: Wednesday night blues jam, 8:30-11:30pm

Where: Heritage Public House, 1901 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa  707.540.0395

Host: Sonoma County Blues Society

This long-running jam has relocated from Sprengers. Starts with a featured band, then jammers.  Send a review!

Spanky's, Cotati

When: Thursday blues jam  9-11pm

Where: Spanky's, 8201 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati  707.664.0169

Host: BlueThird

Music starts @ 7, unclear when jammers start. Send a review!

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