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When: Sunday Blues, R&B jam  9:30pm - 1:00am

Where: Swig Bar, 561 Geary Street, SF 415.931.7292

Host: Ed Ivey & various

Formerly Blue Lamp. Ed says this jam is going, and check this FB link for updates on the session.

Host has re-confirmed this jam is still going (updated Jun 2018 by EI)


When: Wednesday evenings 10pm

Where: Amnesia, 853 Valencia St. Between 19th & 20th, SF 415.970.0012

Host: Mike Abraham

Happens every Wednesday at 10.  Mike plays one set with the house band.  The players are very good mostly.  Jazz, lots of horn players show up. 21 and over, beer and wine.  Parking, well, it's San Francisco.  (updated Sep 2011 by DR)

Madrone Art Bar

When: Sunday jazz session  9:30pm-close

Where: Madrone Art Bar, 500 Divisadero  @ Fell  415.241.0202 (info line only)

Host: Wil Blades, Joe Cohen

Straight-ahead jazz, good players can sit in.  Send a review !

Club DeLuxe

When: Monday, perhaps Tuesday and occasional Thursday jazz sessions

Where: Club Deluxe , 1511 Haight @ Ashbury  415.552.6949

Host: Mike Olmos, Smith Dobson Jr, others

Scene schedule shifts and changes regularly; strongly recommend calling ahead. There is a Facebook page here which may have more current info on the Olmos session, which is currently Mondays. The Smith Dobson Jr session on Tuesdays we know much less about; what we do know is the late Smith Dobson Sr hosted a rollicking open jazz session in San Jose many years ago, before his untimely passing. (updated May 2018 by SJ)


When: Monday open blues / rock jam, 9pm-1am

Where: Tupelo, 1337 Grant Ave 415.981.9177

Host: Couti Ma and Young Blake

This is a newer session, but with established players. North Beach location means parking is very tight so be prepared if you must drive.

(info from host Mar 2017) All musicians welcome. House gear includes PA system, drums, guitar amps and bass amp. Just bring your axe!

(info from other host Jun 2018) These days the Tupelo session has more of a format, featuring selected singers doing today's soul sound. The hosts are drummer Blake Ritterman and bassist Andrew Coutie.

Lucky Horseshoe

When: Wednesday open R&B jam, 8pm-11pm

Where: Lucky Horseshoe, 453 Cortland Ave 415.282.3456

Host: Ed Ivey

The remnants of the once-legendary Skip's session. Different host, some of the players are regulars. Horn players are welcome and are known to appear, also with regularity. If you were hoping to find your old picture up on the wall from the old Skip's Tavern days, well, sorry. It's all gone now, having been "cleaned up" (i.e. gentrified). But the good vibrations may still come for you in the music, so check it out and send a review! Stay up-to-date with the scene on Facebook here.

Host has re-confirmed this jam is still going (updated Jun 2018 by EI)

Revolution Cafe

After a 16-year run, venue has closed as of 2021. (Updated Nov 2021 by RG)

50 Mason Social House

Venue has closed.  

Savanna Jazz

Venue has closed. (See Peninsula listings for relocated venue in San Carlos)

Union Room

Venue has closed.

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